A Phone Call

4:20 P.M. Ten Minutes to Close Well the lady who was screaming at me for nearly an hour finally left, so I guess that’s a good thing. It’s weird how easily I got used to people screaming at me. You wouldn’t think it’s something anyone can get used to, but after a while the words “you’re an asshole” lose … Continue reading A Phone Call


On Meddling in Strangers Lives

You know, life is pretty funny sometimes. I mean, one minute you’re just stumbling along, falling from one moment into the next with hardly a thought to anything outside your existence, when suddenly you’re wrapped so deep in another person’s life you can’t remember how you got here. But, like I said, life is funny that way. Or rather, … Continue reading On Meddling in Strangers Lives

Recommendation Letter for the Average Intern

November 27, 2018  Abbey Cooper  Career Industries  1126 Park St., Suite A  Philadelphia, PA, 45678  To whom it may concern,  Please accept this letter as my recommendation of James Rathbunn for [JOB TITLE HERE].  I have known Joe for only a few months, but in that time, I have managed to learn nothing about him. He seems to be an average … Continue reading Recommendation Letter for the Average Intern


WASHINGTON D.C. (Dec. 5)-- President Donald Trump issued a statement via Twitter last night regarding minimum wage across the states saying, “Mimimum wage? More like MAXINUM wage. It’s too high, very too high by far. If I don’t do something now the minimimum wage will distroy this country.” Upon further questioning from twitter user hollabackbitch, Trump elaborated in another tweet “It’s way too big. Look at me. I got a small loan of 1 milllion dollars and … Continue reading IS THE CURRENT MINIMUM WAGE TOO HIGH?